Unique Contemporary Candle Holders

Contemporary candle holders made of wood meet all purposes with unique experiences by enhancing lighting quality with interesting decor. Wood is always versatile depending on what color, design, pattern and style. Candle holders made of wood have been used since our ancestors. These days, wooden holders are refined to give brand new look that exceptional in featuring decorative value simply yet significantly. Carved woods with unique contemporary designs can make much better home and decorating ideas. In order to get you some inspirations about the candle holders made of wood, these are contemporary types.

Posted on October 18, 2022 Home Decor

Large centerpiece wooden candle holders with resembling shapes of chandeliers can be used in living room and dining. Warmth and cozy atmosphere will be yours to enjoy. Ethnic wooden candle holders are carved pieces especially popular in Indian and African designs. They reflect traditions and cultures. Outdoor wooden candle holdersĀ are simply a large wood plank or log. They are with large drilled holes into them to be able in holding tea lights. Extra charm is given to any outdoor house decor.

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Floating wooden candle holders in form of bowls are available with or without stands. These simply make the floating candles really attractive tremendously. The contemporary candle holders highly feature interesting shapes and styles. Fire resistant paint colors are high features as well.