Trends Of Very Very Small Gardens

We speak of very very small gardens, we do not overload with Barbecue ornamentation own. Today the trend is simple, minimalist and simple lines that do not load the spaces they decorate and give style. Watch this point. Many times we come to a garden that excess plants and flowers, loses the essence we might be looking for. The pots in small gardens should not be very large, and the flowers most used in this area are usually fruit and roses.

Posted on November 12, 2022 Garden

How not has furniture in very very small gardens? Although not very large, is necessary to have some place to sit, or table to take something, read, chat … Therefore we recommend simply furnished , not very bright colors (white, earth, pastel) not loaded too much space but would equip functional and stylish part you need.

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The garden is very very small gardens, light must not “inundate”. It is rather put lights discrete, giving enough light and especially that generates a friendly atmosphere and not dark (but can also play with the weakness of light). How about these tips? If you have a garden and would like to decorate to your taste but in the wake of a professional, contact our specialist outdoor and landscaping