Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet

Surface mount medicine cabinet are produced in many shapes, sizes, styles and dimensions that can be difficult to determine how cabinet was installed or how a cabinet is meant to be installed, especially if cabinet is already underway or sold without proper packaging.

Posted on October 24, 2022 Home Furniture

1 Remove any objects and shelves. Wall Surface mount medicine cabinet are mounting screws on rear wall of box, and these screws must be visible. Use knife to scrape likely staging areas that have been painted.

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2 Examine side walls and top and bottom of box if no holes in wall. A cabinet that is mounted through side walls is intended to recess between uprights. Another clue to this type of furniture may be size. Smaller kits often measure just 15 inches in width. Large wardrobes may include about 34 inches.

3 Measure depth of cabinet. Many wardrobes also protrude beyond sheet rock for additional cabinet depth. These are called semi-recessed cabinets. These may also have panels or special parts used to hide Surface mount medicine cabinet hardware. Any cabinet that is more than 3 inches deep is likely to be a cupboard, as it is unattractive for a cabinet to extend more than 3 inches from wall surface.