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Office waiting room chairs – Accidental falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among people over 65 years, according to the national Centers for Disease Control. Temporary or chronic balance problems are statistically more common as you age, but people of all ages can experience balance problems due to injury or illness. Finding the right chair for loss of balance can help you or your loved maintain independent mobility

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A good office waiting room chairs for someone with balance problems should be stable and stationary. When you are backed into a commode seat, you do not chair wobble or slide that these proposals will only aggravate your balance issues. Therefore, select a sturdy chair, one that is the right size for your body type, and it is heavy enough to be stationary when you sit, or placed in a corner where it will not budge. The chair should be high enough to catch you solid and comfortable as you bend your knees. A chair should also be high enough to stand up easily.

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If you are recovering from an inner ear infection or an injury that affects balance, but need to return to an office job, is a lift, seat a take-along, discreet option that will provide a little extra support and a boost when you need it. Seat lift is a non-electric, spring-loaded lifter, which lowers with you to the chair seat, then springs up to help you raise when you move your weight forward. You can use it on most office chairs, office waiting room chairs or other seating.