Stackable Washer And Dryer Reviews

Stackable washer and dryer – Consider the space you plan to use for the washer and dryer. Most people choose modular or stackable units since they lack the floor space to accommodate them side by side. Make sure your floor is in good condition and you will have to bear more weight than if separate models will buy your unit and have proper ventilation drying and electrical connections.

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Front-loading washing machines tend to grow mold and can save a bad odor associated with the growth of the fungus. Keep an open gate when they do not use the washing machine is sometimes an effective way to prevent this growth. Check that the capacity of the stackable washer and dryer is the same capacity of the washer. Some dryers have a time longer than the wash cycle of the washing machine drying, which could have you waiting to dry the load that has just been washed.

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To use a modular unit washer and dryer, you have to stoop to remove the laundry from the washer and stretch up to put clothes in the stackable washer and dryer. Depending on your range of motion, it may be easier to crouch in and above a top-loading washer and bend over to put clothes in the dryer.