Sleepers Railroad Ties For Landscaping

Railroad ties for landscaping – Railway Sleepers offer a variety of options and opportunities for landscaping projects. They are cheap and take less time to install than brick or stone. They are both decorative and utilitarian. Railway Sleepers can be used for fencing, steps, retaining walls, borders and walkways. The wood used in railroad ties treated with creosote as a preservative. This protects the railroad ties for landscaping to rot, but the chemicals can be harmful to plants and humans. Keep this in mind when designing your landscape projects.

Posted on December 19, 2022 landscape design


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Measure the area to determine how many beams is need. Beams are usually 8 or 9 meters in length. Contact local rail yard and ask for a list of contractors they use. Railway Sleepers replaced as a normal part of Railway Maintenance. However, it is illegal to take railroad ties for landscaping when they are stacked along the track. The construction company has contracts with yards to legally remove and sell used railroad ties. The rail yard can provide you with the name of the contractors in your area responsible for railway sleepers moves.

Visit the large home supply stores, which sell railroad ties for landscaping. Search the Internet for railway sleeper’s providers in your an article contains a list of sleeper’s suppliers for each state. It is also possible to find the railway salvage companies online that sell railway sleepers in bulk at a low price. If your landscaping project is elaborate and requires a large number of railroad ties, this is the cheapest option.