Retaining Wall Blocks

The concrete masonry units are available in various sizes and are an effective, permanent means of building structures under maintenance. The basic design of a retaining wall made of concrete blocks depends on concrete Cement discharges, known as “base”, which defines the base level of the upper structure of concrete block wall. The basic procedure for installing a single containment wall of concrete blocks can be adapted to a wall of any length and – Retaining Wall Blocks.

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Install a poured  retaining wall blocks concrete foundation for the retaining wall. According to the website of Dixieland Pro Build, the base must be at least 12 inches wide and 8 inches deep, and constantly leveled the entire length of the embankment. You must leave the base hardens at least 48 hours before starting the construction of the concrete wall


To remove dirt thoroughly clean the top surface of the base retaining wall blocks with a broom.Defines the line from the wall to the concrete blocks with a hammer nailing, wood or steel stakes at each end of the location of the retaining wall, located approximately 3 feet beyond the ends of the wall. Make sure the stakes are vertical and nailed enough to firmly hold that depth.