Popular Glass Countertops

Among ideas different kitchen countertop, glass countertops is one of most popular these days. It is mostly used in modern kitchens, due to its attractive and modern appearance. In search of a perfect countertop, you need to review aspects such as durability, maintenance, cost, features, etc.

Posted on December 15, 2022 Kitchen Countertops

Glass countertops can be customized according to your preferences and options. Just any type, size, shape of a glass countertop that suits your kitchen. Because of this ability, you are assured of a unique and distinct piece. You can also get a clear glass, textured glass, colored glass, etc. in transparent, translucent and opaque varieties. For decoration of kitchen, you can also create dramatic effect through use of lighting.

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Glass Kitchen CountertopsSize: 1578 x 1066

Glass Tile CountertopSize: 1024 x 761

Sea Glass CountertopSize: 1102 x 748

As mentioned, these countertops are perfect for modern kitchen due to its sleek and elegant appearance. Glass is a non-porous material and therefore, there is no chance that bacteria and fungi that thrive in these counters. This also can make counter last longer than others. One of other advantages of glass countertops is that they are resistant to heat and humidity. Glass is not affected by heat and other variations of temperature. While glass tops election, you need to seek mood, as it is strong compared to other varieties.