Make Pocket Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors into the walls, either on one side to a single door or on both sides for a double door pocket. Pocket doors save space since swept through a revolving door area can be used, releasing about two square meters of space.

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Make sure the wall where the retractable screen doors for electrical, plumbing installations and whether it is load bearing. If there are electrical appliances on the wall they would have to be moved. If there is plumbing fixtures in a room above the wall, there may be pipes in the wall and they will have to be relocated.

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Remove the existing door and the wall to create a new opening about twice the size of the existing door. Sometimes the Sheetrock on one side of the wall can be stored or left in place, reducing the subsequent finishing work. Frame the opening game new wood used in the wall. The kit will retractable screen doors instructions as to the exact dimensions required.  Re-finish the walls. Monte, tape and gypsum plasterboard is closed under the retractable screen doors. Make sure drywall screws used are the right size for not protruding into the pocket where the door has to move back and forth.