Innovative And Very Practical Folding Pool Table

Having a folding pool table at home can be very useful to enjoy our leisure time without having to move out of our home. For those who like to take occasionally a good game of pool sometimes have to go to our favorite bar or game room to enjoy pool can be tedious, so you have a table at home solves that problem.

Posted on September 28, 2022 Pool Tables

But space we have at home may be limited, and have a pool table in middle of room can hinder passage or prevent us ample living space. This folding pool table is recommended choice for those who do not have much room for a pool table, and have to share space with other furniture in room or dining room. In this way you can still enjoy your favorite hobby without sacrificing any corner of your house.

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Folding Pool Table LegSize: 990 x 981

Folding Pool Table StyleSize: 1024 x 576

Many types of folding pool table, primarily distinguished by their open size or material they are made. In our catalog you can find several tables folding billiard very different from each other. Tables made of good quality plastic for children, with rounded edges to prevent injury or tables made of wood for a more classic look.

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