How To Install Adjustable Shelving

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Adjustable Shelving Image

Adjustable shelves allow you to move each shelf up or down without completely rebuilding the unit. Once the adjustable shelving is installed, you will not have to worry about the size of his books and collections.

Instructions to install adjustable shelving: do one stud finder across the wall to find two parallel beams. Mark the location of each stud. Keep adjustable shelf standard from the kit against the wall. Screw a screw 3-inch of plaster into the hole in the top standard in the highest height you want the shelves to be installed.

Hold the shelf second pattern against the wall along the other wall stud. Align carpenter’s level across the top of the two patterns to find the exact height of the second pattern. Make 3-inch gypsum screw into the hole on top of the standard. With vertically leveled default, drill another bolt in the lower whole default.

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Insert shelf bracket in the top holes in each shelf pattern. Place shelf on top of the brackets. Measure the objects you want to place the next shelf. Insert holders beneath the shelf at a height that can accommodate these objects.

Add supports and shelf shelves for your unit adjustable shelving. When finished, fill the shelves with your favorite items.

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