How To Build A Bean Bag Lap Desk

Laptops are incredibly convenient, but the amount of heat generated from the battery may make it difficult to really keep your computer on his knees for a long period of time. Creating a simple bean bag lap desk can help alleviate the problem, increasing the pleasure derived from your laptop and keep more productive throughout the day.

Posted on October 2, 2022 Bean Bags

To build bean bag lap desk, the first, buy a large bean bag. The bean bag should be about the same size as the footprint of the computer and large enough to fit comfortably in your lap. Find a bean bag soft enough to kneel for hours at a time.

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Find a piece of plywood. The plywood should be about an inch thick and slightly larger than the diameter beanbag. Choose any color you like, but make sure that the edges and corners are smoothed to avoid splinters.

Apply the bean bag on the bottom of the plywood to complete the construction of your luck bean bag lap desk. Using industrial strength super glue and allow the item to set a few hours before use. Place a large heavy object, on the top of the timber during drying to increase the connection between the two objects.