Homemade Water Fountains And Stone

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Homemade Water Fountain And Stone

The stone homemade water fountains can add grace and charm to the landscape, according to the type of stones used to create the source. Create your own font that suits the style of your patio or garden, with a little effort and some materials found the local shops. Dig a square whole 50 cm, 40 cm deep into the desired place the stone fountain. Cut a pond liner section thick plastic to fit into the hole, more 15 cm around the outer perimeter. Place the liner in the hole. Fill the hole with water to 7.5 cm from the top.

Place the homemade water fountains and submersible pump with extended spring attached in the center of the hole. Make running the electric or solar cable from the pump source on the side of the hole. The mesh placed on top of the hole, the head of the stringing source through one of the openings in the mesh.

Paste the stones plastic coating with homemade water fountains resistant adhesive. Part of each stone will extend beyond the coating on the mesh. Piles and paste natural slate stones on top of the first row with construction adhesive waterproof. Remember to leave a row of loose stones stacked.

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