Frameless Shower Doors

A part of your shower enclosure can be formed by the conventional shower plate, plastic plate of deep shower, to sit or, conversely, the dish unique shower, shallow marble molding, or the drain –Frameless Shower Doors .

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Frameless shower doors the minimum space around the shower screen, so that its use is comfortable. RAVAK offers various possibilities of opening the shower door: The bathroom renovation is completed; the workers are gone and only remains to install the shower enclosure? Install it yourself and you will achieve sufficient only the usual tools.

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The easiest job awaits you, if you choose frameless shower doors the shower enclosure with frame. These (egg shower enclosures Supernova) are sold fully assembled or, at least partially, so there is little left to spoil. But you have to have a big package that will be hard to drive. On the contrary, a high degree of precision is required for the assembly of frameless shower screens. And not always depend solely on ability. Since almost no bathroom has angles and perfectly straight walls, and these factors can greatly complicate the correct setting of frameless shower enclosure