Effortless Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is a popular way to give a kitchen a facelift inexpensive, but results often disappoint. Paint brush leaves brush marks and occasional loss of bristles and sponge paint streaking. All these results stench of a rookie trying to save money. However, just change a spray paint can cure these problems and let them do it yourself with professional results and expensive looking. Done correctly, spray painting kitchen cabinets finish is smooth and has a luster much like acrylic or resin. It’s a lot of work, but results are worth effort, especially when spray paints refinishing costs less than a quarter of cost of a professional redo.

Posted on September 22, 2022 Kitchen Cabinets

Spray painting kitchen cabinets using a uniform paint sprayer pressure and movement, even backwards and forwards. Spray paint in thin strips, to prevent dripping, build thickness of paint slowly. Paint one side of door, let dry and then turn them over and paint other side.

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When you spray painting kitchen cabinets remember that oil-based paint adheres to surfaces already painted with water-based paint, but you cannot paint water-based paint over oil-based paint. paint does not stick and ends bubbling and then peel. Only oil painting on oil, oil on water, or completely removes any oil based paint before proceeding.