Custom Kitchen Islands

Having a sophisticated and modern kitchen is the desire of many. Therefore, the demand for bespoke cabinets and high end appliances has only grown. However, each has its likes and dislikes, so we can say that there are numerous models of- Custom Kitchen Islands

Posted on October 11, 2022 Kitchen Ideas

Thus, custom kitchen islands they may rely on different resources in its composition. Today, many who have available space do not give up the central islands. Years ago it was not very common in Brazilian cuisine, but nowadays tends status. It is possible to say that they take elegance to the environment at the same time that adds convenience. However, it is an ideal resource for large kitchens, as we need to ensure at least 60 cm of space around the perimeter. This measure will provide a comfortable circulation and also the opening of drawers and closet doors smoothly.

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Custom Island KitchenSize: 1530 x 1230

Kitchen Island CustomSize: 1030 x 754

Custom kitchen islands make the most practical and functional environment from the moment they can receive the cook top, the main sink or even a second sink. They can also function as a work bench or as a bench for quick meals.