How To Build A Tiny House For Cheap

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One of the biggest concerns many people think about when they want to build a tiny house is its budget. They think so hard about how to build a tiny house for cheap. There is almost no way to solve this problem, because building a tiny house could be so expensive even can reach up to $80.000 only for building a tiny one. Will you pay for it? If you have only limited amount of budget, and it is not possible to spend that so much money for a tiny house. Although there is almost no way how to minimize the cost, but the idea below you should try. We hope it can help you.


Minimizing the cost is your obligation if you have the major problem with budget to build a tiny house. Spending money around $30.000 for a tiny house is very reasonable, and it is the average price for it. However, is that possible to build a tiny house only under $10.000? And the answer is very possible. Here are the things you need to consider about how to build a tiny house for cheap

Diy tiny house: if you want to save more money, it is a good idea to build it by yourself. Diy tiny house will be so helpful because you do not need to spend money to pay other people. If you have time, capability and also partner that can help you, build a tiny house by yourself even will be very cheap.

Reuse and recycle material: purchasing material could require big budget, but it will never happen if you use any reuse and recycle you have around you. You can browse your barn, maybe you find log or woods, or remained tile to construct your super tiny house.

Plant your own trees: if you have a tree, you can use the wood to construct your tiny house. Of course this will be very effective to answer your question about how to build a tiny house for cheap. By having your own wood, it means you does not need to purchase any wood to build a tiny house.

Do not build it on the trailer: if you have very limited budget to build tiny house, do not build it on the trailer. It can save your money from $3000 to $5000. So consider well whether you want to build it on the trailer or not.

Tiny house kit: if you also want to have a simple cheap cost to build tiny house, you can purchase tiny house kit. It would be lots cheaper than you build a contractor-built tiny house.

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