25th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

25th wedding anniversary ideas will commonly be decorated with the silver color. Indeed, if the 50th anniversary is gold and this, 25th anniversary for the wedding still be in silver. That is why the silver color will be more dominant in this wedding anniversary. But sure, without reducing the meaning and value, silver color is interesting, luxurious, and stylish and sure it is modern. To make this anniversary with silver accent more interesting, you can concern about the supplies, accessories and also the colors combination that will beautify and strengthen the silver color.

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25th Wedding Anniversary Ideas Centerpiece

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The silver color of this wedding anniversary should meet the other colors. But remember, not all colors will meet the silver. Based on the character and style of the silver color where it is modern, stylish, luxurious, and clean, it can be combined with white colors. So, when the silver color meets the white color and accent, it will look perfect. These two colors; silver and white can be applied to all decoration, accessories, supplies and also the centerpiece decoration where it can festive the anniversary and will welcome the guest perfectly. You can put the silver supplies on the centerpiece table where the tables will be covered with white covers or cloth and white flowers. It is sweet and luxurious.

25th Wedding Anniversary Silver Decoration

So does for the decoration. The silver and white colors can be applied for all decorations for the interior design of the hall of the anniversary. It is not only for the centerpiece. The wall and ceiling space can be decorated and accessorized with the white and silver items. Even the wedding anniversary dress will be colored with white colors by the accent of silver pattern. But sure, the decoration of the interior room is not too busy just a little touch of silver and white.

25th wedding anniversary decoration – Now we will give some original ideas for holiday celebration. It is not by chance such an important event. First, both must think if you want to celebrate your anniversary with many friends and relatives or just the two. The two varieties have their pros, with a big party, you can gather many friends and relatives who have not seen over the years. The result will be a celebration full of loud, humor and smiles.

Do original 25th wedding anniversary decoration. A romantic dinner for two also has its pros. You can choose to hold only two, with your children or with a small circle of friends and relatives. In all cases, you can take time to you before or after the meeting with children and friends.

You can think about your marriage vows.  If you want, you can renew or just remember what you have written. In addition, you can see old photos and videos of your wedding and memorable moments. One of the best ways to celebrate the anniversary is surprise your partner. Do 25th wedding anniversary decoration in vintage. You know better what you like and how you can surprise and make this special day. Converts that is silver wedding party to unforgettable day. So what are you waiting for?