Zebra Bathroom Ideas

Use your imagination and creativity to create zebra bathroom ideas is right for you. Contrasting black and white Zebra stripes provide the perfect setting for an eye catching pop of color. For example, in a bathroom relatively flat with white tiles and white walls, hang a zebra print shower curtain in black and white, then add towels, bath mats and accessories counter in one bright color, as strong, purple, red roses, lime green or orange. Black painted wood cabinets, if possible. A mirror frame with zebra or a pair of zebra print accessories complete the look. This method looks contemporary and cool, and is virtually failsafe. Additionally, a very plain bathroom becomes yet with easy efficiency. Be sure to clean up the mess for this style to look its best.

Posted on December 20, 2022 Bathroom

Zebra printing not have to mean strictly black and white. Shop around and you can find colorful accessories zebra print in all colors of the rainbow. Zebra prints in bright orange, hot pink, aqua blue and lime green work well in bathrooms zebra bathroom ideas especially children, and your children will love the wild colors. Paint the walls a bright color, like green or lemon yellow, then add bright, crazy colored zebra print towels, rugs and accessories.

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