Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

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Wrought Iron Curtain Rods Roll

Wrought iron curtain rods rod can add a different look for a window treatment. With wrought iron, it is important to use the strong mounting hardware enough to support the weight of the rod. If your curtain rod not comes with hardware purchase a mounting kit rated to handle the weight of your curtain rod – look brackets which are wrought iron, as well

wrought iron curtain rods curtain rod determine how high you must mount the wrought iron curtain rod. It should be high enough so that the bottom of the curtain hits the wall below the window where you want, depending on your preference and your curtains, it could be anywhere from the bottom of the window frame to the floor. Check the wall directly above each top corner of the window to the required height determine how far from

To maximize the amount of light wrought iron curtain rods that your open curtains will let in, put the media far enough to the side that the blinds will not block the window. Check the horizontal line above the window on the required distance of the marks you made in step 3. Hold a mounting bracket on the wall of one of the marks you made

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