What You Need To Know About Modern Tiny House

Living a cool tiny house has become the popular thing these days, do you agree with that? You might feel that living in a tiny house would be very pleasing and exciting.

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The tiny house gives you various pleasure and excitements. It will be a very perfect place for you and everyone to have such the best place for having relax time with lovely family together. You can realize having the best modern tiny house, and it requires some efforts.

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What you should do to have the excellent modern tiny house? In this post we are going to give some simple explanation to you that we hope can help you a lot.

Modern Tiny House Floor Plan

Making the floor plan is a very important thing you should make if you want to have the best tiny house. The floor plan will help you deciding for each room you are going to have at the tiny house. You should make the floor plan plus measurement, shape and also layout of the room. Modern tiny houses have different structure and shape, and sometime in irregular shape. The floor plan can surely help you about the shape of home entirely. You can make your own modern tiny house floor plan by using ruler, pencil and eraser. When you think that you do not have the ability to make any floor plan, you can consider to buy a floor plan from some services. There are many services offer affordable floor plan you can select adjusted into your requirement.

Modern Tiny House Interior


If it is looked from the outside, the modern tiny house reflects simplicity yet sophistication. The tiny house exterior is made as simple as possible, plus having unusual cut and trim for each parties of its structure. Based on its interior look, it will reflects all the simplicity as well, but still emphasizes to the modern and sophisticated appealing. Let’s start by talking about its wall color, it is dominated with neutral color such as white, black or grey. The interior material and design is made as modern as possible.

Modern Tiny House Door and Window


You also need to focus on choosing the right window and door. When it comes choosing the best tiny house decor, you also need to stick yourself choosing the best door and window style. To bring all modern appealing into your tiny house, you can consider having glass door and glass window, plus the shade or blind as the treatment. The unframed window and door is better for modern tiny house, or you can choose metal to frame it.

Modern Tiny House Furniture

How about the modern tiny house furniture? Furniture becomes the other important part people concern so much. If you want to make your dream modern tiny house comes true, you need to consider well about the best material you should choose. You can find the best furniture in the market so easy, but make sure you pick the right one. How to check whether the furniture is appropriate for you or not?

You need to consider firstly about material. Modern tiny house uses sleek and simple furniture such as made of fabric, and also manufactured wood. The sofa or couches will be so excellent in your modern tiny house. The other furniture made of wood such as cabinet and folding table, should also have modern cutting and appealing. They are also usually painted with neutral colors such as white and grey. Modern tiny house furniture concerns more on functionality, and multipurpose furniture is considered as the best you can choose.

Modern Tiny House Decor

You also should focus on your modern tiny house decor. The decoration will relate to wall color, wall decor, and some accessories you might really want to include. Adding beautiful decorative mirrors anywhere in your tiny house can both add feeling of larger and add beauty of your tiny house. Adding mirror will be very great for your modern tiny house. You can place it in some strategic places such as in bathroom, living room, and kitchen.

For the wall color, you need to color it with bright color such as white or light grey. You also can add the beautiful pop up color as the accent to make it more attractive. For other wall decor, you need to try choosing modern accessories made of metal, or a cool picture you frame with modern photo frame.

Modern Tiny House Tips

To bring the beauty of modern tiny house, you should make a plan about what you want to include there. Make a list for things you should purchase in the market. To decor the wall, you can be creative by printing cool photo you can find on Google, and then frame it with beautiful modern photo frame. You also can be creative by using the reuse and recycle thing to be the part of decor. It will be both pleasing and attractive. Stick yourself to go around the market, and find some stuffs that can help you supporting the look of modern tiny houses.