What The IKEA Stand Desk Can Do For Your Health

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IKEA stand desk – Sedentary life style that involves prolong periods of sitting have been link to various health problems, including obesity, heart disease and chronic back pain. Our bodies are not designed to be active for hours.

Many office workers seek to reduce the risk of back pain. And other health problems with the switch out of their standard table for IKEA stand desk, this allows you to maintain an upright position throughout the day and encourage more movement. Back pain is common while sitting for a strain of poor posture in the lower back. Even for people with a group of core muscles are developed, the abdominal muscles eventually leave during the day 8 hours of sitting, left lower back muscles with the workload. When standing, the muscles of your lower back is supported not only by the abdominal muscles, but the muscles of the pelvis, buttocks and legs to support the weight of the upper body is.

Of course, standing all day in one position is almost as bad as sitting all day. IKEA stand desk can be equipped with high stools and footrests to allow you to rest your feet and legs occasionally. As the table sat normal, it is also important to move around, such as by taking a few minutes to stretch every hour or take a short stroll around the office.

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