Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire

Clear the top of the dresser or vanity to make a wall mount jewelry armoire. The cabinet will hang easily accessible; giving you additional space for other needs surface glamour. Recycle an old wooden cupboard door and waste to produce a jewelry wardrobe shallow. The cabinet will organize its dazzling fashion accessories, allowing you to keep your necklaces, bracelets and earrings tangle free, while creating an artistic addition to the decor of your room.

Posted on September 16, 2022 Home Furniture

To make wall mount jewelry armoire, Place the rack cabinet with the front side facing up. Place the cabinet door on the frame and align the edges. Measure and mark the outside left of the frame to the desired placement of two hinges. Remove the door. Place a hinged flap of each of the brands. Drill pilot holes. Insert the screws into the holes and attach. Place the back door on the framework for aligning the edges. Holding the door in place on the left, open the door walk up. Placing loose flaps of the hinges against the inside of the door. Drill pilot holes at the marks. Do not drill through the front door. Insert the hinge screws into the holes and attach wall mount jewelry armoire.

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