Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Wall Mount Fireplaces save space and provide an interesting focal point for a room. Wall mount electric fireplace use a standard two-pin cable for connection to an electrical outlet. Wall mount fireplaces are 100 percent efficient because they convert energy into heat.

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1 Measure space you intend for wall mount electric fireplace. Make sure you measure length, width and height twice for accurate measurement. Measuring space ensures purchase of a fireplace that works for your specific area.

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2 Determine type and size of fireplace you need. Profile of chimney determines how well items like a wall mounted television work in room. Details such as finishing, flame color, and size affect how well piece is integrated into your current palette.

3 Visit a store of home improvement to take pictures of chimneys that interest you. Compare images against their furniture, wall color and texture to determine if selection fits. Measure each fireplace review, and record measurements for later use

4 Select a chimney and place your order. Be sure to select a fireplace that fits your measurements and not overwhelm space. Using measurements in stores, determine size of flue wall mount electric fireplace. Contact a sales representative – online, walk-in or by phone – and place your order.