Victorian Furniture Design Style

Victorian furniture design style is so called because it reached its peak of popularity during the reign of Queen Victoria on the British Empire. The exterior architecture during this period appears Scrolls characterized by elaborate gingerbread eaves and complemented by richly decorated interiors. Victorian furniture makes this theme and includes several features to look for. Victorian furniture worshiped shaped ornaments tassels, stamping, and layers of expensive materials. Victorian furniture gives special attention to detail and texture. Art Nouveau Furniture does not have these luxuries. So if you see a piece of furniture that has a lot of class and luxury tassels, you’ve found a piece of Victorian style.

Posted on December 28, 2022 House Ideas

The upholstery during the Victorian era had luxurious materials and texture like velvet. Typical colors were rich, lush and dark. Habitual patterns involved using different shades of one color or elaborate floral patterns accented plain white backgrounds. Most upholstered furniture also looked embellishments like tassels and fringes.

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Victorian FurnitureSize: 900 x 634

Sofa Victorian FurnitureSize: 1100 x 793

Most Victorian furniture was made from mahogany, rosewood or walnut. Replicas of these pieces are stained with deep brown tones and cherry to resemble the deep colors and rich wood during the Victorian era. Similar dark woods were also used in gothic furniture.