Using Gravel Landscaping Ideas

Gravel landscaping ideas – For a water-efficient landscape, use gravel instead of cement for large functions such as driveways or patios. Gravel will not burn as mulch can make gravel a good choice for landscape situated near forested areas vulnerable to fire. For seating areas, use gravel to create a seating for a single chair, which the garden path, or Create a large patio for a table and four or more chairs.

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Dig down about 6 inches to create a patio looking into the desired shape, such as round or square. Lay landscape fabric to block weed growth and then fill the area hollowed with gravel. While gravel landscaping ideas for walkways, cut a walkway in soil about 36 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Securing strips of landscape fabric and fills walkway with gravel. Place rocks or large stones along the edge, if desired. Instead of an all-gravel walkway, place stepping stones on comfortable stepping distance apart. Filling the area between the stepping stones with gravel.

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In place of wood mulch, using gravel landscaping ideas around shrubs and trees. Laying landscape fabric first wills not only help to block weed growth; the drug can also remove gravel if you later change your mind. Avoid using limestone gravel around acid-loving plants like azaleas and Rhododendrons. Unlike wood mulch that you must complete as wood decays, goods gravel indefinitely makes it a low-maintenance landscaping product. Select a color with gravel to complement the setting that dark gravel for a house in a wooded area and light gravel for a beach house.