Useful Office Bulletin Board Ideas

Office bulletin board ideas are a great place to show pertinent information employee, useful tips, birthday wishes, and contest results, or employee rankings. If used properly, board may be an epicenter of sorts for office information. more eye-catching screen, it is likely to get more attention.

Posted on December 9, 2022 Office Furniture

Be sure that your entire office is aware of office policies and procedures by showing them on a bulletin board for all to see. No one will be able to claim ignorance when neglect to follow certain policies and new employees will have a readily available answers to many of their questions. Be sure to add political changes and updates as well. Preventing this type of board from looking boring, print policies and procedures in bold letters with dots on colored paper

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Instead of wasting paper passes out a list of current promotions, post them on office bulletin board ideas. Employees eager to make sales will be sure to check out board for latest offers which they are able to offer. Use different colored paper to highlight each campaign running. Use product images where appropriate.

Use office bulletin board ideas to display results of motivational competitions or awards. A picture of employee of month can be displayed at beginning of each month. Next to picture, a list of properties that make that particular individual stand out or any personal information to other employees get to know her better. If you have sales contests, list first, second and third place winners as well as their performance in beginning of each week. A desire to know how they rank will certainly drive people to visit message board.