Trendy Transitional Area Rugs Option

There are several methods that help make transitional area rugs tile. Actually, transition material used depends on material and type of carpet and tile. Moreover, if they are different, it is necessary to use only specified types of transition material.

Posted on December 7, 2022 Home Decor

  • Bull nose Trim: If you have card that is higher than carpet, then you can go for rounded finish. This setting has a rounded shape and is useful in high traffic area
  • Crop chamfer: chamfer adjustment is another type of trim used in case of tile top. It is similar to aforementioned type of transitional area rugs, but differs in shape. Transition chamfer has an angle of 45 degrees to help cover difference between two types of floors.
  • Vinyl strips: Apart from methods mentioned above, one of least known methods is using vinyl strip. Vinyl is one of most durable materials available transition at present and therefore, these strips can be used anywhere in house. One of other advantages of using vinyl strip they are available in variety of colors and patterns, and therefore surely find something that perfectly matches your tile and carpet patterns.
  • Natural Transition: Finally, if you want to have natural transitional area rugs, then you can cut or sand edges of tiles to be smooth with rounded edges.

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