Tips How To Decorate An Open Living Room

How to decorate an open living room are, simple as attaching the kitchen and dining room in one space, eliminating the usual partitions in any traditional home. To get them, you need to redistribute space arising from pulling the walls are not load, and change the decor to make it more practical.

Posted on December 9, 2022 Kitchen Ideas, Small Kitchen

One of the best how to decorate an open living room to get a space with a certain intimacy, is to put the couch back to the previous space is the kitchen or dining room. It is also a good idea to set the dining area between the living room and kitchen, to generate a logical flow, and that from the kitchen faster access to the table.

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If you have limited space, we can optimize with use an island that serves as a worktop, while bar to eat. Get complete genuine American look that gives this piece with high stools retro style, and coating both sides differently, according to the dining room den or kitchen. With these tips how to decorate an open living room, we get to have a room open that will turn our house into a modern, practical to use and above all very cheerful and bright space.