Tips To Decorate Tiny House Kitchen

Kitchen is the focal point in every house, no exceptionally tiny house. Tiny house is only a house with no more tha 400 or 500 square feet, but everyone can build kitchen, bathroom, and also bedroom there like in a standard house. You also can build your own tiny house kitchen for your lovely tiny house, it is very possible even when you only have 120 square feet tiny house.

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In a beautiful tiny house kitchen we can spend time together with loved ones for cooking and for doing other interesting things such as breakfast and meal. Tiny house kitchen is built like other standard kitchen, it should accommodate the needs of its users. However, there are many things you should to maximize its use. Here we are going to give you some tips to design and decorate tiny house kitchen.

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Tiny House Kitchen Layout

The first of all you should think as well as possible is about the layout. The best kitchen has good layout adjusted into the space size, and also space shape. You may choose the galley kitchen layout, l shaped kitchen layout, or the u shaped kitchen layout. For the tiny house, the important key is that you must make it sleek and simple with appropriate layout that provides adequate walking and moving space. Make the layout in a piece of paper, with its scale measurement.

Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop

After defining the layout of your tiny house kitchen, now your task is choosing the right kitchen cabinet and countertop. It is very important because cabinet and countertop themselves are the focal point in the kitchen. Choose the cabinet and countertop that fits to your layout. The material, style and color becomes other points you should think about. For tiny house, cabinet is usually built higher than wider. It is aimed to use effectively the upper side for both storage and display.


You need to have the adequate storage for your tiny house. There are some ways you can consider if you want to have a neat storage in the kitchen. You may choose the hidden storage or pantry near the refrigerator, with many drawers and shelves. You also can utilize the cabinet doors to be the place of additional storage.

Keep it Neat

You should always keep your kitchen neat. You can put some dirty things under the countertop, and things like garbage can in the hidden place. This could help you to make the kitchen look neat as always. Put decorative things in the upper part. Keeping your tiny house kitchen looks neat as always is the key of getting best kitchen there.