Tiny House Bathroom Hacks Must Know

Bathroom and shower is needed by everyone in their house. You need to consider to choose the best tiny house bathroom for your own tiny house designed so well with best furniture and layout, plus with best lighting. Do you want to have the best tiny house? So you should have the bathroom inside with very good design.

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Even if the tiny house size is no more than 150 square feet, you can still have bathroom, living room, and also kitchen there. With very good bathroom in your tiny house, you turn this very limited space as a great livable place both for second home and recreation need. You can decorate your own tiny house bathroom so easy. So here are some ideas you should read.

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Tiny House Bathroom Ideas and Tips



First of all if you want to have the best tiny house bathroom is having the best shower. Shower will be the important place where you spend time to relax your body after a very tiring day yo face outside. You need to decorate your shower as well as possible and you can consider to decorate it with beautiful accent curtains. Rather than shower glass, shower curtain is better because it can be pulled when it is unused to give feel of larger in bathroom in tiny house.


Bathtub is the focal point in every bathroom. You need to choose the best bathtub for your bathroom made of good quality material and the appropriate shape. You can consider for having a cool Jacuzzi bathtub or wooden bathtub for function and beauty. Tiny house bathroom will be very limited in space, so you can choose small bathtub. If you think that having bathtub is not possible, the shower is enough for you.


If you want to have cool tiny house bathroom, you also need to provide the adequate cabinet in there. Choose the best cabinet like under the vanity, so you can put many things there such as dry towels and toiletries.


Beside storage, you also need to have a cool mirror. It will be very beneficial for both decoration and function. The unframed mirror gives look of simple and modern. Meanwhile, framed mirror could give other different feel and look depends on the mirror frame style itself. Use larger mirror to give feeling of larger in the bathroom.

Towel railing

Having towel railing in the bathroom is also needed. It will be beneficial to add value and look of bathroom as well as used as place to hang a wet towel. You can choose metal o wooden railing.