Sumptuous Upholstered Headboards Style

When decorating a bedroom, do not overlook potential design of head. A headboard can become focal point of room, striking with its size or style. Upholstered headboards are a way to immediately give more impact in your bedroom.

Posted on November 1, 2022 Home Furniture

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Upholstered HeadboardsSize: 1200 x 901

Fabric cushioning in upholstered headboards makes it looks more expensive and sumptuous. Satin and velvet work especially well for padding, but any fabric and pattern you like to do. Buy extra fabric to cover upholstery buttons to be used to give his tufted headboard appearance. Number of buttons required for project depends on size of your head, so decide on placement of buttons and drill holes in backing board. Use foam padding for backing board pad and cover with fabric chosen, stapled in place on back of head. After buttons are covered in upholstery fabric, hold head by sewing through predrilled holes in backing board. Pull thread tight as possible before tying on back of headboard.

Decorative Touches

Upholstered headboards in a flat, opaque tissue that lacks texture or brightness may seem a bit monotonous. To promote a work of basic upholstery, add decorative elements such as adjusting cords or twisted. Whole line of upholstered headboard with decorative elements chosen to give a polished look and finish