Stone Pool Table Slate

Pool table slate stone is the only material recognized by official bodies of Pool and Billiards for use in the championship tables. The playing surface must be completely flat and well maintained in the long run. They are made especially for pool tables. Having a thickness of 1 inch.  blocks extracted from the quarries of slate, then proceed to obtain plates of a thickness of about 1 inch, for which there must be specialized for stone processing machinery. Plates thus obtained with a completely flat surface with perforations and precise dimensions.

Posted on October 20, 2022 Pool Tables

Pool table slate is noteworthy that many people use as a generic name for the slate plates, leading to confusion or deception, so it should be noted that the correct generic name is the plate, and you just have to differentiate the material from which they are made (slate, cement, marble or wood).

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Any company can offer tables with slate, including Italian pool table slate, at an affordable price. They indicate that the board is equal or better quality than the competition. But if you check with arrest you will realize that: a) simple concrete slabs microvibrado painted black or graphite, or b) second stone slabs leveling quality problems can have natural color or be painted.