Stand Up Laptop Desk: Beneficial To Health

Stand up laptop desk – I guess because it remains to be seen whether it is beneficial to health, or just a fad. In the absence of conclusive studies, we can only trust people who work in this way. At the moment there are opinions for all tastes. Some are delighted with the idea and would not change it for anything. But there are other people who have tried it to work standing and have had to give up.

Posted on October 12, 2022 Standing Desk

A search on Google offers us multitude of specialized stores that sell this kind of desks. The prices are for all budgets. The more advanced versions are more adaptable and allow working standing or sitting, as we need. But if we do not want to spend a lot, we can always set up our own stand up laptop desk with Ikea furniture for $ 22.

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I admit I have not tried it, but the idea catches my eye. At least for the developments that I do at home, I could be useful. Convincing my boss to buy me a desk of this type, I find it more difficult. However, in the absence of further studies on the subject, I suppose it is best to sit or stand intermittently. If we think about it there are many jobs that require standing up laptop desk an entire day and people who work like that also end up tired.