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Tabletop pool table – In Interior we are always last of everything that has to do with decorative elements to place in our house, but today we’ll talk about something that is not available to everyone as it is to have a pool table at home.

Posted on October 14, 2022 Pool Tables

Specifically I am going to talk a tabletop pool table. As much as illusion of your life (or your partner) is to have a pool table at home, it is clear that or live in a mansion or have complicated. Maybe you are exaggerating a bit and if you can set aside a room in your home game room, your dream is fulfilled. But make no mistake, only a few can enable a stay as a meeting room, where they take a little game of cards or, why not, billiards.

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But nothing is impossible … Imagine face of your friends if one night, after dinner, fold envelope dining table and tabletop pool table classic mat (which can be green or not) appears, with six holes or portholes, balls and tacos. tables Fusion, wood and steel, can be used both as dining tables or work as billiards or other games like poker or roulette. By design modern and elegant lines fit into most avant – garde decorations. What, a little game?