Special Features Of Dome Hockey Table

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Dome Hockey Table Features

Dome hockey table – Games hockey table are same as larger models of earth features. This type of game is designed to be used on a table, however, can also be set on a floor or other flat surface. Some hockey tables have special features that are built or that can be added on. Special features may include running lights, decorative purposes or lights that help keep scoreboard. A feature that can be added to some hockey tables is a blind eye. A blind eye is placed above center of table, and restricts view of puck of passing over table, which increases difficulty of game.

Size is an important factor when buying dome hockey table. You need to find a table that fits in space you want to insert. Also, consider height of people who will use it. Younger children may have a problem to reach center of an air hockey table full size.

Two main features of dome hockey table are units of score and type of fan. two types of valid units are electrical and manual slide. Both are effective, but a slide is a cheaper method. Among blowers generally more powerful units are more expensive and provide a smooth sliding.

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