Special Diy Standing Jewelry Armoire

Create standing jewelry armoire for gift for someone special. This grant will help organize your jewelry so she can easily find. Record exact measurements of piece of furniture. An average width of a jewelry armoire is about a foot wide and thirty-five centimeters tall. Design might include three or four drawers for jewelry. Size of door could be twenty to thirty inches wide and three inches tall. Four legs are nine inches high and three inches wide.

Posted on December 3, 2022 Interior Design

Use small nails to hammer together rear and two side panels. Use at least five nails in each area in which wood panels are connected. Attach two side panels in front closet that connects to front door. Use at least five nails to secure each panel. Connect metal guide inside to hold three to four inside drawers. Hammer together interior drawers and then place them in scroll bars inside standing jewelry armoire.

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Added hinged to front panels of cabinet. Use two hinges on right side of front door. Place gateway through hinges. Turn door several times to make sure it fits smoothly and that hinges work properly. Use nails to attach legs. Use at least four nails in each leg to lock securely. Finaly, Apply either paint or varnish on standing jewelry armoire