Special Desert Landscape Front Yard

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Desert Landscape Front Yard House

Desert landscape front yard – Residential gardens in desert avoid rich lush gardens, towering oak trees, opt for cactus and ocotillo trees. Such plantations use well in dry southwestern desert and complement Spanish and Mediterranean architecture, common to region. concept of gardening, in which indigenous, drought-tolerant plants are used, can be incorporated into desert landscape, like other earthy elements such as rock, water and fire.

successful residential desert landscape front yard uses native plants. Flowering cactus, succulent thick leaves and thorny trees populate residential property and require little care, being tolerant of heat and drought. Other elements in landscape may be swimming pools, rock gardens, fruit trees, grass gardens and wells or fireplaces. Rooms in open air, taking advantage of mild climate.

Rock gardens are weedy and attractive in desert landscape front yard. Choose from a wide range of color and size of rock for your front yard. To add visual interest, create small mounds or beds of dry rivers. To make riverbed dry, use large river rocks in a contrasting color to your rock garden. Create a ravine on a winding road through your rock lawn, building sides. Broken line with occasional succulent river rock and along ravine for color and texture of plant.

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