Small Space Design For Kitchen And Living Room

Small space design for kitchen and living room – Home buyers today are adopting open concept design, in which the living room and kitchen are essentially a space. Although there may be a countertop or island between the kitchen and the living room, two rooms each other up. This type of design allows mom take a look at the guys while preparing lunch and offers the possibility of easy and relaxed. However, sometimes there is a space between the living room and the kitchen is used for dining or perhaps as a makeshift office. Although there are no walls that define this space, has a separate function.

Posted on December 28, 2022 Small Kitchen

Before you begin decorating small space design for kitchen and living room, decide how you want to use this shared space. The most common is that a space like this is used as a dining room. But you might want to use as an office or even a playground. Your use of the site will determine the furniture and its location in the shared space. If you’re going to use it as a dining room, a dining set placed in the center of it and define it with a carpet area. Use simple furniture and as informal as possible.

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