Small Rolltop Desk Decoration

Small rolltop desk – A roll top desk conceals normal office clutter or even a computer screen. Its rounded lid pulls down as a bread box to give the room a cleaner look. You can leave the desk in its original surface for a more traditional, distinctive look and create a high contrast with the furniture ancient form of modern paint, hardware and display items.

Posted on November 24, 2022 Small Desk

Open the small rolltop desk cover and use it as a screen for small photos, postcards or artist trading cards. Hang a small piece of string on the inside of the hollow desktop, then use clips or clothespins binders to pin up vintage postcards or black and white photos. Mix and match images, or use them for a small burst of color. See a small flower in a vintage teacup or sconce to create a shadowbox effect.

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Turn your desktop into a display for a cherished collection. Vintage teacups, old colored glass and vintage books all fit into the small rolltop desk time-worn look. Display fresh cut flowers in small bottles, or ask any larger potted plants on top and in the hollow of the desk in vintage tea tins or simple porcelain planters, to contrast with the wood.