Small Corner Computer Desk Style

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Famous Small Corner Computer Desk

Small corner computer desk – Corner furniture can save a surprising amount of space because it has a reduced footprint and keeps the center of the walls open. A corner computer desk combines these benefits with improved concentration. If you stand in a corner while you work, you have fewer distractions. Plus, a corner desk gives parents a clear picture of what their children can work on or looking at. This project takes less than two hours

How to build a small corner computer desk cut the plywood sheet in half on the diagonal. If you are inexperienced at reducing straight lines, you can get the lumber yard or home improvement center do it when you buy lumber. Sand all surfaces and edges of the plywood. You can also sand the post if you want, but they will not have much contact with anything.

After that to build a small corner computer desk, install one of the 30-inch posts at the right angle on your desktop. Fit the other 30-inch posts in the other two corners, and put them 1 1/2 inches from the vertex. Place the posts so that the edges running parallel to the edge of the post in the far corner. Set one of the 33-inch posts in place, and then it connects two 30-inch positions along one of the 36-inch sides of the plywood. Use your auger to drill a 1 1/2 inch hole in the back corner of the table, four inches from the corner. Use this hole for wiring when installing your computer.

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