Simplest Granite Edges Inspiration

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Granite Counter Edges

The simplest and least expensive of all granite edges countertop is relieved single border. A soft edge is a simple square edge that may have a small chamfer to reduce sharp edges. The soft edge is closer to an edge of the square-off standard countertop. This is one of the most common edges and is often one that many do-it-yourself homeowners choose to use to install their own desks. The soft edge is also a favorite dashboards advantage granite countertop.

One of the highest ridges in the granite countertop is the beveled granite edges. The beveled edge named because of the angle cutting edge of the upper portion of the top to the bottom edge. Beveled edges are available with up to 45 degree angle. Bevel edges in the range 45 degrees to provide a dramatic look because of the steep angle.

The rounded granite edges come in a complete and demi bullnose. The full rounded edge is an edge of almost perfect half circle that looks like a ring in the bull’s nose. This provides a softer edge roundness straight or tapered edge, while maintaining consistent appearance. The demi bullnose gives the initial appearance of a full edge with a lower right edge.

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