Simple Cutting Edge Granite

Cutting edge granite can be a difficult task.  However, the right equipment and following simple guidelines can make it very simple.

Posted on December 24, 2022 Kitchen Ideas

  1. First, involves preparation of template from kitchen counter. Template will help you figure out exactly where cuts are to be made. You can do this by using pieces of plywood. Place them along edges of existing counter and attached in desired manner, with help of glue.
  2. Write down all places you need to make cuts. You may also need to make some holes for nozzles.
  3. Place template on granite slab. Trace outline of template on slab with help of chalk. This will help to make perfect cutting edge granite. Make sure you have correct measurements!
  4. Now with help of a diamond saw, cutting larger sections of granite slab. This type of saw reduces vibration so you can easily cut granite. To know intricate details, use a laser or water jet saw. You can shape edges with help of cutting edge granite.
  5. You can also make use of a small hand grinder to smooth cuts. Just run in cuts you’ve made with mountains, until it balanced.
  6. Once all cuts are shaped and leveled, wipe entire surface properly. Polish areas carefully once it’s done.

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