Setting Up And Leveling A Contemporary Pool Tables

Contemporary pool tables – Playing pool is a relaxing and fun recreational activity, especially at a table level. Installation and leveling contemporary pool tables requires more than follow the installation instructions of the manufacturer. The ability installer in leveling the table plays an important part in the process. The weight of a billiard table slate bed makes this project a challenge for DIY enthusiasts and may require the help of a friend or neighbor.

Posted on October 11, 2022 Pool Tables

Setting up and leveling a contemporary pool tables, Mount the frame and legs of the table according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Set the table in place at this time before adding the board and the weight of the table increases. Place the slate under the table.  Level slate placing wooden wedges between the board and the frame. Place a carpenter’s level 4 feet on the board.

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Attach the board to the frame with screws slate. Use the screws provided with the table and place the holes drilled on the board. Fill in the above cavities slate screws and seams between segments slate filled.  Cover the slate table felt. Pull the slate in place according to the manufacturer’s instructions and staples to support wooden board. Place the rails, pockets and trim pieces for the table. Rails with felt cover, if necessary, before installation. Adding pockets and trim the table is often the last steps required to install and even contemporary pool tables.