Retractable Awnings Or Covered Patio

Retractable awnings – are often installed by a commercial supplier or contractor. Most of them have extensive warranties, so manufacturers ensure proper reinstallation and provide a detailed explanation to the customer about the mechanics and operation of the unit. Patio covers are also constructed by contractors, but some equipment on the market that let you do the project at home.

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When deciding between buying a retractable awnings patio or deck, consider convenience. With a retractable awning, you can hide the unit against the wall of the house. It is easy to remove and opt for a motorized awning for easy use.

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A retractable awnings cover saves space and you should not store materials for use during the winter months or hurricane seasons. In the event of a covered patio, the aluminum or metal designs need some maintenance. If you have a mesh cover or vinyl, you must remove it and save it under the station and run the risk of wear or discoloration from constant exposure to the elements.