Repairing Computer Keyboard Tray Under Desk

Computer Keyboard Tray Under Desk – A keyboard tray can be a valuable tool and a way to make your computing experience more comfortable. Unfortunately, the price of a new keyboard tray can be very expensive. If you have a desktop computer mount in your home, you probably have a display tray mounted just below the top of the keyboard table. The keyboard is placed on the top of this tray and when you sit next to the computer, pulls out the tray so that the keyboard is placed on your lap.

Posted on December 15, 2022 Computer Desk

It is possible for this computer keyboard tray under desk to peel off their rollers from time to time, but the problem can be solved quickly. Instructions: 1 Slide the roll-out tray as far as it will go. 2 Look at the tray and determine if one of the rollers has come off the metal railing on both sides of the tray. Have it under the computer desk to decipher this. 3 Lift the tray and slide the roller part onto the rail. The tray should work fine now.

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If the problem is that a screw is loose, or that connects the computer keyboard tray under desk to the table, proceed to the next step. 4 Use your screwdriver to tighten the screws on the hinges where the tray is attached to the table. If the screw is missing, buy a screw of similar size from your local hardware store and use the screwdriver to insert it.