Removing A Glued Wood Backsplash Living Room

If an old wood backsplash living room is to look tired, you can remove it and replace it to give your living room a new look. Removing a wood backsplash that was glued in place requires some hard work, but it is a project that can be tackled by most homeowners in a day or less.

Posted on October 6, 2022 Backsplashes Kitchen, Kitchen Ideas

Directions for removing a glued wood backsplash living room are cut the caulking that seals the backsplash for wall and counter with a knife. Then slide a spatula behind the backsplash to loosen the glue wall. If you have a hard time forcing the spatula behind the backsplash, use a hammer and lightly tap the end of the spatula to force it behind the backsplash.

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Use the stud finder to locate the studs behind the backsplash. Pass the spatula behind the backsplash at stud if possible. Slide the pry bar between the spatula and backsplash and pry off the backsplash. Then scope glue and caulk residue off the wall with a spatula. Mend the wall behind the backsplash with plaster. Sand once the plaster has dried. Finally, redesign or install a new wood backsplash living room to finish his updated look.