Reclaimed Wood Dresser

Home something very useful and attractive at the same time, a wooden dresser recycled. The same for its size is good in any room, especially in your kitchen. It measures 85 cm high x 90 cm wide and 42 cm deep. The same as you see in the picture does look very colorful which will undoubtedly greatly benefit your Reclaimed Wood Dresser -and will match the color of walls you have in it.

Posted on December 29, 2022 Home Furniture

And if this recycled wood dresser is very attractive, functional and also result it has qualities reclaimed wood dresser that assure us that long serve our needs without losing its appearance. It was manufactured in recycled wood of different types. It is the small dresser Claque facing the enjoyment of recycling-based, so in vogue today decor. It has two drawers with handles in the form of rings and 2 doors with a fixed shelf inside.

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┬áReclaimed wood dresser so when you become a recycled wood dresser is contributing to one of the demands of our times, make everything recyclable to prevent ecological damage that causes high consumption. This charming piece of furniture we have seen on the website of Masons du Monde where you’ll find all kinds of objects that complement it.