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The sparrows are birds common usually breed well in nature; form large colonies of 10 to 20 pairs and usually lay their eggs about four times a year. Both parents are involved in raising young until they are old enough to leave the nest and dating for they age. The requirements for the care of adult sparrows are generally easy to meet, making breeding sparrow’s simple and educational process. Check sex and health of your sparrow pictures. The safest way to do this is to take your bird to a vet who can use DNA testing to determine the sex. The vet can also look for problems or warning signs of problems such as congestion breathing. This will prevent you raise one sick or infected bird.

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Provide them a nest. Although sparrow pictures nest in the top of the hedges, this is rare; they prefer the security of a nest box with an input. You can buy the nests of prefabricated housing in most garden stores.

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Fill the nest with a substrate layer that can be dry grass or straw; this is available in pet stores, or you can get them naturally. Check that the straw is not infected with insects before use, as this could be harmful to sparrow pictures.