Popularity Of Classic Mustang Pool Table

If you have not yet bought your gifts, today we are going to give a very original idea. It is a mustang pool table, but obviously not car itself, because here we only talk about products that you can go wonders for your home. For lovers of classic Mustang, automaker Ford and company Carpool Tables they designed a table as a classic Mustang 1965.

Posted on December 9, 2022 Pool Tables

We speak specifically a table that has been created by reference to a ’65 Ford mustang pool table. It’s a model made ​​with fiberglass and has size of a standard pool table. An American company manufactures and lets you choose color. What is not allowed is price you choose. Nothing more and nothing less than $ 15,000 (just over 10,000 Euros) is what you take home will cost (excluding freight)

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Ford Mustang Pool TableSize: 1024 x 768

Mustang Pool Table SizeSize: 1024 x 640

Red Mustang Pool TableSize: 990 x 657

Ideal for decorating garage of your house accessory is molded with body of original Mustang, made ​​with glass fiber and 4 meters long, table is shorter than a car, but has similar details to a Mustang. After finding in a 1965 Mustang forgotten barn, which molds for parts were removed, companies look ideal for lovers of classic accessory. Pool table sold with a price of just under $ 10,000 and is available in any of original colors with mustang pool table was marketed, although Rangoon Red is most popular.